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Odessa National Polytechnic University Automatics-2015 XXII International Сonference on Аutomatic Сontrol
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Organization conference "Automation 2015"

10-11 September 2015 at the Odessa Polytechnic, National unyversyte held XXII International Conference on Automatic management "Automation 2015"

Organizational committee invites conference Accept participate in the activities of data.

Registration fee for participants - 500 UAH.
150 UAH. - Graduate students and engineers Chairs
Bankers:recipient:ONPU,Code of Enterprise 02071045,Bank: GUDKSU in the Odessa region.p / p 31259201101204,MFO 828011Payment: Full name, registration fee for participation in theConference "Automation -2015"
Can be calculated on the spot.Price does not include accommodation and meals.

Mother als Conference 
Abstracts are included in the conference program will be published before the conference.
According to the decision of the editorial board, in the sections marked papers may be published as articles in the collection of scientific papers ONPU. For detailed information about the procedure of publication of articles in the collection and of the requirements of articles can be found on the website http://pratsi.opu.ua/

• Up to 17 April 2015 - submission of applications and abstracts;

• Up to May 29, 2015 - Post a Call for Papers;

• Up to 1 June 2015 - payment for participation;

• to June 15, 2015 - Second Announcement;

• September 9, 2015 - the beginning of registration of participants;

• 10-11 September 2015 - Opening of the Conference